Joel Moens de Hase

In the foreground of the Belgian Joel Moens de Hase’s artworks stand an image that radiates intensity, whilst the background is made up of thousands of photographic fragments of feminine curves. This double reading unleashes the senses and imagination and seduce through the originality and aesthetics of its concept. In the heart of this contemporary alternative of pixel art and pointillism, the Woman, mother, mistress.

The photo mosaics of Joël Moens de Hase first began to emerge in 2011. They rapidly caught the interest of a national and international highly receptive viewership.

Joël Moens covers a wide range of sources (fashion photos, advertisements, mail order catalogues, electronic periodicals, eye-catching websites, etc.). His selective eye has roamed over more than 20 million images so far in order to choose 100,000, which he cropped one by one. The artworks are thus composed of thousands of tiny pictures which give them depth and an impression of escape.

They can be read in many different ways, depending on whether the viewer looks at the concrete image or its symbolic meaning, whether it is seen from a distance or close up. After the first impression of beauty, of sensuality, everyone goes for its interpretation. His art raises questioning without provoking and makes the viewer unintentionally reveal a part of himself. Beyond the aesthetic qualities, it surprises and transports, it is out of the box, original.

The central point of his work is a tribute to the woman, the creator, the object of desire. Joel Moens’ work portrays the diverse forms that love can take for the elegant, sensual, powerful and emancipated woman.

His digital art reflects a hyper-connected society, in which a camera replaces the canvas, Internet takes the place of the painting and a software supplants brushes.

Joel Moens de Hase
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